Horizons Part I

by Lost But Not Forgotten

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Zak Glynn
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Zak Glynn It's got a fuckload of layers, a ton of intricate details and some really sweet solos. 10/10 come to brazil. Favorite track: You Are Your Choices.
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This is my debut EP for my solo project 'Lost But Not Forgotten'. This EP features some of my favorite, and most meaningful songs that I have written over the past couple of years.


released September 5, 2014

Oskar Sutton - Drums, Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Programming, Production, Mixing, Mastering, Artwork
Luke Brindley - Production, Vocals
Sonny Fox - Guitar
Sam Turner - Vocals




Lost But Not Forgotten Manchester, UK

Lost But Not Forgotten is my recently founded solo project.

Even though I have been writing and recording my own songs/material for a good deal of time now, I felt it was time to step up my game and start writing EP's and albums as collectives rather than the odd song here and there. I also felt like I needed to name this project rather than have it go by my own name. ... more

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Track Name: Camaraderie
My only dreams are gone
I felt like its too late
I thought We would come back
but this burden surrounds me

I can't keep up anymore
When the weight is on my shoulders
I can't leave these feelings alone
When my heart feels like it's gone

I was living in a fairy tale
Thinking all the pain was for good
But since I realised
I can't take this anymore

But like snakes in the sun
We felt right here at home
and like angels in love
I felt blessed from above

I feel that my heart is gone
I feel my dreams are gone
I see that our world is gone
Now that you have moved on

Our world is gone
Our world is gone
Track Name: Torn Apart
I never thought that this would be the end
That this long eternal road has come to its end
I never dreamt that i would live to see
These warm embraceful hearts separating
and withering away

I tell myself the same old lies
that shattered pieces will soon come back to life
I look up to the stars again
to hopefully find an answer
to all this pain and misery

But all i see is the pain
and all i see is the misery
Haunting Me Deceiving me
and all i feel is the pain
But all i feel is the misery
Haunting me oh please god save me

I wish this plague was all just a dream
that we were still once upon a time a happy family
I fell victim of this lie you lived for me
But in this cold silence, No-one can hear me scream

But all i see is the pain
and all i see is the misery
Haunting Me Deceiving me
and all i feel is the pain
But all i feel is the misery
Haunting Me oh please god save me
Track Name: You Are Your Choices
I was a fool
I feel like iv'e stolen your heart from you
and thrown it all away
all away
i'm so sorry
I didnt mean to break the chain
A promise that was never meant to be
now I feel so bad
cuz i was wrong
and I hate myself
for the choices i have made
please forgive me
I never wanted this
but As i watch our love
turn into the embers of yesterday

Don't close your eyes tonight
cuz I know a little part of you has died
but honestly, believe me, i am so deeply sorry
I know my chance is gone, but it wasn't me who did what i've done

I still think of you
I long for you

This bridge that we made together
built out of love, lasting forever
These dreams that we dreamt together
they told me It was now or never
I wish these walls would speak to me
and show me, your the one for me
I wish these stars shined brighter
and told me I was better off without her
Track Name: Horizons
In my dreams
I prayed for your light
cause In my mind
It just felt so right
so right
In my world
You are the One
but In my sight
You are nothing but the sun
the sun that shines on me
But I feel like I'm the only one
that didn't make it through
As i sink further and deeper
further away from you

We can't be the same
If my feelings aren't the same
We can't be one
If my feelings are so numb

We could be so much more
but your mind is so prepared for
I still find a hundred reasons to blame
why you don't feel the same
and I can't feel any stronger
with the burden that you gave to me
I try to get back upon my feet
but your still pulling me down
still i toss and turn over you
i'm wasting my sanity all on you
and as i sink into infinity
Further away from you
From you

I try so hard to forget you
But I find myself going back in time
I can't take more of this plague
It feels so unreal, just like my dream
now I've known you for so long
and I know you so well
I can still find love
in the darkest of hearts

just because i needed you
did not mean that you needed me
All that i wan't is to hold you near
Before you disappear