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This is the single for the up and coming EP 'Horizons Part II'.


As we sit here so far apart
with our empty and broken hearts
But it's so hard to see
what you truly mean to me
But as a cool summer breeze
brings a teardrop of hope for me
I can't help but think of you
and long for you

I don't make my decisions
But I make my mistakes
If only we could just fly away

Why are you listening to your fears
You'll only make what we had dissapear
It doesn't have to end this way
Cus We know we can be free
i know the grass is greener on the other side
But this is where I belong
and i'd give the world to hold you
and love you again

I don't make my decisions
But I make my mistakes
If only we could just fly away
I wish I could live my dream
And show you how good it feels
If only we could just fly away

let me show you my dream
Of A world where we can be free
Take my hand, there's nothing left to loose
the path, gold or black, you must choose


released October 3, 2015
Oskar Sutton - Instruments, Vocals, Production, Mixing&Mastering.
Luke Brindley - Vocals
Sam Turner - Vocals




Lost But Not Forgotten Manchester, UK

Lost But Not Forgotten is my recently founded solo project.

Even though I have been writing and recording my own songs/material for a good deal of time now, I felt it was time to step up my game and start writing EP's and albums as collectives rather than the odd song here and there. I also felt like I needed to name this project rather than have it go by my own name. ... more

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